Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Talking about the Movies

I recently took some time to watch a few movies instead of my normal TV shows or wrestling and I would like to share my brief thoughts on said flicks with minimal to zero spoilers. 


Anchorman 2 – Kate and I went and saw this at Regal Cinemas in Augusta.  It was exactly what I expected it to me.  Crass and over the top stupid humor!  If you like the first one then you will like this one just as much.  The standard multi news team rumble at the end is just as cameo laden as the original. 

47 Ronin – John and I took this in at Flagship in Waterville.  The trailer looked awesome, supernatural sword play fighting and some great martial arts.  Sadly they trailer showed us all the cool sequences in the flick leaving us with a slow drawn out story.  It reminds me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, where trailer is loaded with some epic fight scenes and when you watch the movie you realize that yes the fight scenes are cool but the majority of the movie is a slow drawn out love story.  However, in the case of Crouching Tiger it’s a good enjoyable story that doesn’t leave you disappointed, unlike 47 Ronin.

Saving Mr. Banks – Kate and I watched this at Regal in Augusta.  It was wonderful!  It was the first time I’ve ever gone to the movies and heard the audience openly crying during a film.  Tom Hanks as Walt Disney was excellent as was Emma Thompson as the PL Travers the author of Mary Poppins.  This movie is the story of how Walt Disney convinced Mrs. Travers to allow his company to adapt her beloved Mary Poppins to the silver screen.  You should definitely check it out!

During these flicks I was, of course, treated to several film trailers.  The one that stands out to me that I saw twice is the new Liam Neeson flick Non-Stop where he plays a bad ass US Air Marshal on a flighty where a bad guy is killing people for ransom.  It looks cool!

Home Viewing

These are in no particular order, just what I recall checking out the last several weeks

The Way Way Back – A coming of age flick about a teenage boy played by Liam James forced to spend the summer in Cape Cod with his mother, her new boyfriend and his daughter.  Steve Carell plays the boyfriend and is and asshole.  It also stars Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph and host of other people you will recognize.  It’s just a good wholesome flick.

Riddick – I really like Pitch Black, wasn’t a huge fan of Chronicles of Riddick.  This returns to the Pitch Black premise of a bunch of people on an Alien Planet with a population of creatures looking to kill them all.  It ties into the other two flicks nicely and sets us up for a 4th one. 

We’re the Millers – Hilarious!  Jason Sudeikis plays a small time drug dealer who through reason you’ll discover has to travel to Mexico to smuggle drugs.  So he enlists a fake family to travel with him in an RV to aid in avoiding suspicion at the border.  Hijinks and mishaps happen along the way.  Sudeikis is absolutely hilarious in this flick!  Just watch it!

Pacific Rim – Pretty cool Monster movie were the Kaiju battle giant man made monsters.  Kind of reminded me of Godzilla vs Megalon that featured giant robot Jet Jaguar who teamed with Godzilla to battle Megalon and the Kaiju cyborg space monster Gigan.  I thought it was a decent flick and if you like monster movies and people dealing with emotional trauma then check it out.  It really is good.

Speaking of Godzilla this May a new Godzilla film is being produce and released by an American film company.  It’s a reboot to the series that first debuted in 1954.  I plan on taking this one in at the drive in! 

All is Bright – Starring Paul Giamatti and Paul Rudd this should have been a much funnier movie than it was.  It’s not a bad movie, but at the same time it’s not what we expected.  Giamatti just gets out of a Quebec Prison, his wife is dating his friend played by Rudd and his daughter thinks he’s dead.  The two travel to New York to sell Christmas Trees to make money.  Again not bad, just not what I expected.

 Don Jon – Written, directed by, and starring Joseph Gordon Leavitt.  He plays Jon who loves sex but not as much as he loved porn.  Billed as a romantic-comedy, I wouldn’t go that far but I would say it’s a decent flick.  Also starring Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, and Tony Danza, it’s basically about a man trying to find himself and thrown in a lot of discussion about sex and porn.  Solid flick.

The Last of McGuinness– Wrestling documentary about the retirement tour of Nigel McGuinness.  McGuinness grew up with the dream of wrestling in the WWE.  Even though he accomplished more than 99% of the guys who set out to become professional wrestlers he feels he’s a failure for not reaching his goal.  It’s a moving and very raw emotional story that every wrestling fan should check out.

I’ve got a bunch of movies on tap to check out that I just have had time to watch.  In the new future though I will be screening; Carrie, The Conjuring, Insidious 2, and some others.  Right now I need a good horror flick fix, I haven’t had one in a long time. 

I work a lot, mostly overnights, and my time to watch flicks has drastically decreased so I spend most of my time watching my shows and wrestling.  But with most everything in hiatus for the winter it’s afforded me some time to watch some flicks.  I think I’ll keep with the flicks and but the shows on the back burner.  Except for Sherlock, that show is amazing!  Not really a show it’s season consists of three 90 minute episodes.  It’s amazing!

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  1. Bummed to hear about 47 Ronin. Not surprised, but bummed.