Sunday, June 22, 2014

Almost time for the big 3 5

What’s up readers?

So I’ll be 35 Tuesday, I’ve come to a bit better terms with it but I’m not all the way there yet. 

Haven’t mentioned this yet, but Kate and I took the Mom’s to Red Sox back in May for a Mother’s Day Fenway Park adventure.  You probably saw the photos on my Facebook page.  We drove down early to take the tour of Fenway, which was awesome and well worth it, we all enjoyed it.  Mama Mueller bought me a new Red Sox hat for my Birthday.  It’s pretty sweet!  We hoofed it over the Boston Burger Company for a Stellar Lunch and then made it back come game time to see Red Sox lose in thrilling fashion to the Toronto Blue Jays.  Just and all around fantastic day with our moms!!

Back to present day. 

Canaan’s team won the 2014 Cal Ripken Minor League Championship!  His team only won 2 games in the regular season, then swept the play offs for the Championship Trophy!  The first trophy that he ever truly earned.  Canaan, unfortunately, failed to make his all-star team, none of the 8 year olds that tried out did. 

 Tom Petty announced his 2014 Fall tour back in May listing Fenway Park as an Aug 30th stopover and the closest show to Maine.  We bought tickets, almost reluctantly.  Kate really wanted to see Tom because this is the closest he has come since his Mansfield, MA show in 2010 so who knows when he would be back. Of course though, just last Friday the added three shows to the tour, and one of them is Aug 31st at the Cumberland County Civic Center, his first show in Maine since 1980!

Back in March I submitted a story, one that I feel is my best to date, to for publication.  The pay extremely well and is one the most reputable on-line publishers there is.  They say it takes about 3 months to get back to you, if it’s been 4 then they are probably considering it, and they usually always have a finally decision in 7.  Well it’s been over 3 months now so I’m hoping that, that’s a good sign. 

Andrew checked out the van and it needs Wheel Bearings, driver’s side is shot, passenger side is coming along as well.  Locally the run about $185 each, on the internet I located a pair for $103.20 from a place I’ve bought many parts from in the past.  So that should be taken care of this week. 

That means we have to drive the Nissan to Boston Friday for Phantom of the Opera!  I’ve been waiting to see this show again for 20 years!  Back in 1994 my mom, gram-gram, and I attended the touring production at the Wang Theatre as part of a AAA travel group.  This Friday Kate and I will celebrate our 1st anniversary at the Boston Opera House for her 1st and my 2nd time seeing it!  Funny story, back on our on-line dating profiles I had posted in mine that I loved musicals and couldn’t wait to see Phantom of the Opera next time it came around while Kate posted in hers who wants to take me to see Phantom of the Opera, clearly I did!

Later readers!

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  1. Tom Petty will be in Portland Maine on August 31.